What membership options do you offer?

Please take a look at the memberships tab on the website. All current membership options will be listed there. At different times of the year there may be other options.

Can I do a drop in?

We don't offer your usual drop-ins. We do have buddy-passes, which co-op members can purchase, to bring a friend in to climb for the day.  They will need to accompany you while you're training at the co-op.

We do offer special 'open drop-in' nights from time to time. If we have one coming up, it will be on the website

Is the co-op invite only?

No.  But you do need to have a membership to climb, or be the guest of a member and using a buddy-pass.

How do I sign up and get access?

Once you purchase a membership through our website, we will reach out to set up an introduction at the coop.  

Do we have to pay through the website?

Yes.  All purchases/payments are now done through the website. Once you get to the final checkout page, you are able to select your payment choice

If you chose e-transfer (which is our preferred payment method), you will then need to send the transfer to complete your purchase

Can I pause my membership?

No.  We do not offer that at the moment

Can I sell/transfer my membership?


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  We have a Payment Plan option for a 1 year membership (Memberships page). It is not a monthly membership, but rather a financing option.